Shop Small - Make A Difference 


Kayleigh Jayne & co has one mission: to bring a real, high quality shopping experience, with bespoke luxury products, stunning jewellery, personalised gifts and home decor, licensed giftware and collectibles from big brand names plus a whole host more!


My company is only small with just me at the helm however my passion for excellence is what inspired me in the beginning, and it continues to drive me today. Since Establishing in 2013, I know what works and what doesn't, I'm always adapting to the change in trends to make sure not only you get the perfect product/service but something thats on trend too! I'm expanding my product range as often as I can, with more and more big brands  jumping on board!


I pride myself in the superior experience of buying from a small company like mine, and in the long-term relationships built with customers.

At Kayleigh Jayne & Co people know they’ll find what they’re looking for - and if they don’t, I will certainly be happy to help them find it. Not only that but, if you need customer service, i'm on the end of the phone, or can send you an email without having to go through call centres or passed from pillar to post.


Customer satisfaction is my number one priority, after all Kayleigh Jayne & Co may only be a small company, but it has a big heart!


I want you to feel you're buying something truly special when it comes to my own handmade and personalised gifts, something that can be cherished forever, but I also want you to feel like you can shop with ease, no hard selling, no constant emails, just me here when you need me, and making sure what you buy is absolutely perfect.


So why do people keep coming back to Kayleigh Jayne & Co? Have a browse to see for yourself!

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